Lowongan Kerja Bandung Terbaru di EVERYDAY SPA NARIPAN Desember 2017

Everyday Balinese Spa & Reflexology

Today, relaxation has become a basic need. Life has become harder and more complex, which causes stress to people especially for those who live in a big city. It is already proven that stress can harm your health, both physically or mentally. Everybody knows that stress must be avoided, but not many people do something about it when it occurs. Relaxation is one of the best way to reduce stress! Isn’t it wiser to prevent than to cure? Based on this fact, we created EVERYDAY with a unique concept that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to get a maximum relaxation experience, and of course with an affordable price.
Lowongan Kerja Bandung Terbaru di EVERYDAY SPA NARIPAN Desember 2017

Balinese massage technique is our main focus of our treatments. The main reason behind this, is that balinese massage has been well known in the world as one of the most famous for its relaxation effect. We also only employ talented balinese, and other highly selected therapists, well train them, to be fitted with the character and the soul of our treatments. In Everyday, we only use the finest natural ingredients for your body. Even with affordable price, our customer will enjoy our best relaxation technique, material, and our warm hospitality. These are the reason why EVERYDAY has become the most favourite choice of thousands of people for their relaxation. Everyday has grown so fast and well known for its uniqueness in the industry. All of these achievements also come from highly motivated management teams that always focus on its mission and vision to be the best in the relaxing you.

BALINESE SPA & REFLEXOLOGY. BALI, BANDUNG AND JAKARTA. Every Balinese Spa & Reflexology merupakan tempat Spa Family yang sedang berkembang dan profesional, Kami benar-benar Spa yang profesional untuk kesehatan dan perawatan tubuh tidak aneh-aneh pekerjaannya dan Insya Allah HALAL. Untuk saat ini sedang membuka Lowongan Banyak untuk posisi sebagai:

  • Wanita 
  • Usia 18 tahun s/d 30 tahun
  • Sehat jasmani & Rohani
  • Pendidikan minimal SLTP Sederajat
  • Pengalaman tidak diutamakan
  • Gaji Pokok
  • Uang Makan
  • Uang Transport
  • Bonus
  • Mess / Tempat tinggal disediakan
  • Gratis biaya training (Selama training)
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Kirim Berkas Lamaran Lengkap Ke Alamat:
Jl. Naripan No. 38 Kota Bandung
Jawa Barat
Tlp. 022-4261466
Jl. Aceh No. 66 Kota Bandung
Jawa Barat
Tlp. 022-4203974

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